Papers: Linux Journal May 2007: MochiKit By Example

MochiKit is a client side JavaScript framework from Bob Ippolito. I watched MochiKit develop, saw all the worry it takes to write cross-platform JavaScript code, and decided I wanted MochiKit to do all the hard stuff. The article's By Example style (tries to) get the reader interested in what they could do with MochiKit, instead of just being a rehash of the reference documentation. Perhaps the article is unconsciously inspired by the Inside Mac volumes of documentation: show you all these tools and how to put them together to make something interesting.


This article provides a quick introduction to MochiKit, explains how to get started with MochiKit (with interesting stops along the way) and describes three walk-through examples of varying complexity that also are generic enough to use in your Web applications right now. Ever wanted to round element corners in HTML? Make a link that is clickable only once? Create a dynamic login mechanism? Keep reading!

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Thanks to the generosity of the Linux Journal editors, the full article is available online for free.