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DocGlue was created as a global data store for all your AppleScript Studio scripts. It can remember values for later, then recall those same values in another script.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.


remember about "data" at "keyword"

recall at "keyword"

For More Information

Read the latest DocGlue Readme for more information. This is directly off the subversion repository, so enter the username and password listed in the repository information section below.

Subversion Repository Information

To access our Subversion repository through the Web or a WebDAV enabled client, visit and with the following username and password:

  • username: anon
  • password: (leave blank)


Download the latest (stable) revision of DocGlue

The download package includes an Objective-C class (doing all the work), an AppleScript library (talking to the Objective-C class), documentation, and a sample project.

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