Pricing Methods

Wilcox Development Solutions has three approaches to prices, depending on the size of the project (even in software there are economies of scale, somewhat)

Small Projects (32 hours or less of development effort)

Hourly rate. Exact rate depends on the project’s personnel needs. Maybe your project is simple, and just needs a junior engineer with a mentor. Maybe it’s average complexity, and requires a engineer. Maybe it requires a software engineering genius, or senior engineer.

We’ll try to match your project with the appropriate personnel, and availability of resources.

We want your project to succeed, and we also strive to save you money by matching appropriate resources to your project. You don’t send a brain surgeon out to change the oil in your car, nor do we send junior engineers into something they can’t handle.

We’ll send you an estimate, based on behavior of the system that we both agree upon. Then we’ll give you a price range: software development isn’t an exact science. Budget for the high range, and maybe we’ll finish lower and surprise you.

More than 2 weeks development effort (typical in development team augmentation or WDS lead projects)

For larger development projects, Wilcox Development Solutions prefers to work in 2 week “iterations”, delivering software using Agile methodology. Per iteration work also receives a discount of our normal, hourly, rate, and is billed every two weeks.

The goal is to have a project we can turn over to you at the end of every iteration. This allows you to decide to continue the project, or stop development (we’ve achieved minimal viable product, for example).

Development Team Productivity Services

Flat rate plus expenses.

Want firm numbers?

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