Wilcox Development Solutions is a software development consultancy business which uses Agile Development methodologies to achieve client objectives in a highly visible way, with high degrees of customer collaboration and transparency.

Our mission is to provide software that fits your needs in terms of quality, reliability, ease of use, and extendibility. Software that performs the task quickly and easily — giving you time to focus on what your business is about.

We provide a wide range of services for your existing, or startup, business, and can make your project a success!

For more information, including how to contact us, see our about page.

Our Approach: use best of breed development tools, to serve you better

  • We are long time iOS, OS X and Ruby on Rails developers: We’re long time developers in technologies that accelerate the development process, be it a mobile app or an interactive website. We’ve also been programming long enough that we know how to handle an “outside of the box” problem!
  • Get your software developed right: we work with your budget and get as much done as we can, keeping you in the loop all the way: we understand that priorities change!
  • Building a Social Networking startup? Need your website to have profiles, friends lists, statuses etc? We can save you time and money: we’ve developed our own software package just for social startups. The basics are already done: we’ll simply customize it to add your great business idea on top of it!

Our Consulting Services for your business or team

Your business needs development services, or maybe is looking for extra horsepower from your current development team. Wilcox Development Solutions can help with this, in a variety of ways:

  • Development Team Augmentation: Need some more hands to get that project done? We can help
  • Supercharge your current development team: Bring us in for a week, and get solid analysis and practical suggestions for increasing your development team’s productivity.
  • Development by Wilcox Development Solutions: No Hassle, No Worries. Done Well Want something done that’s not in the core competencies of your team? Give our project to our development team. We’ll get it done.

Our Development Experience

We have a wide range of experience in a variety of development tasks.

  • Dynamic Websites with modern tools like Ruby On Rails, Turbogears and Django, to deliver business value faster
    Do your customers need to know the status of their order? Do they place orders over the Internet? Perhaps your current website needs a facelift? We can do all these things, using modern, rapid, web technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Turbogears and Django
  • iPhone App Development (and Macintosh App Development Too!)
    With over 8 year experience in Cocoa development, we’re highly capable engineers for your iOS or class Mac application. We’ve done it all: from rewriting old applications from the past, to creating your latest dream, we have the experience to pull it off!
  • Cross-platform Application Development
    Do you have an internal application that you would like to deploy on multiple Operating Systems? Would you like the Macintosh people in Marketing to be able to access the same data as the PC users in Accounting? Maybe you have an idea for an iPhone app that you’d also like on Android? Perhaps you need custom software developed, and want to target multiple Operating Systems from the start, at almost the same cost as targeting only one? We can help by creating a custom solution for you, tailored to your exact business needs!

We do so much more than just that! Check out our What We Do page for a complete list of services we can provide for you.

Contact Information

You can email our founder, Ryan Wilcox to get an estimate, find out our rates, or just discover more about how Wilcox Development Solutions can provide you with a solution.