Development Services (What we can do for you)

Wilcox Development Solutions provides consulting services to companies that require our unique expertise in the following areas:

  • Mac OS X and Cocoa Development
    We've been programming in Cocoa (the framework that powers most Mac OS X programs, and all iPhone apps) since 2000. We've seen this technology evolve and give programmers more and more tools to be productive. We have the knowledge to deliver high quality solutions very quickly in this framework, be it Mac OS X app, or iPhone or iPad app.
  • Custom Macintosh Development
    We specialize in creating Macintosh applications to meet your various application needs. We have over 5 years of experience programming for the Macintosh platform in Carbon, Cocoa, and MacApp. We often use PyObjC to supercharge our Cocoa development cycle.
  • Dynamic Websites (using Ruby on Rails and/or Python's Google App Engine or Turbogears)
    We create standard and dynamic websites based on today's leading technologies. We have experience in designing websites ranging from plain HTML to dynamic e-stores. We've written big customer service apps and auditing/compliance systems in Ruby on Rails, and smaller sites with Google App Engine and the Turbogears Megaframework.
  • Cross-platform application development
    With the help of wxWidgets we can take your application and move it to multiple platforms, including Macintosh, Windows, or Linux. In previous project we used the Macintosh implementation of wxWidgets, informally called wxMac. Our knowledge of wxWidgets, in addition to knowing Mac OS X internals like we do, make us a great partner, enabling you to move your existing wxWidgets app to Mac OS X.
  • Custom Database Programming
    We can design a database solution to fit your unique business needs with Helix, FileMaker Pro, or MySQL. We also write custom applications to make your data solution happily interact with the outside world.
  • AppleScript Solutions
    We can design scripts and applications for every workflow need - from simple automation scripts to complex work management applications using AppleScript Studio.
  • Mac OS X Transitional Services
    We also do consultation for clients transitioning from other platforms (Mac OS 9, MS Windows, or Linux/BSD) to Mac OS X. We've been using OS X since its release, and we can help administrators get their users up and running on this new platform quickly and easily. We have the knowledge to answer all sorts of questions — be it questions on Darwin, wondering how to use familiar tools, or just where to set up user accounts.
  • Updating Legacy Systems
    We can update Mac OS 9 applications to take advantage of the new capabilities of Mac OS X. We can also update programs written in COBOL or older forms of C to use C++. If you need to add a graphical interface to an older terminal program, we can do that as well.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide you with high quality solutions that are easily extended as the need arises. Internally we use best-of-breed solutions that speed development time. We strive to create solutions that are both simple and powerful, while meeting your needs at the same time.

How We Achieve This

At Wilcox Development Solutions we realize that solution is part of our name. Extra time planning and designing your product could save hundreds of hours of development time later on. To us, design is what makes or breaks the product — without good design the product will go unused, will not accomplish its original purpose, and be a waste of development effort — in short, it won't be a solution. Wilcox Development Solutions realizes this massive responsibility and takes every measure to give you our best.

Interested? Wondering about prices?

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