Consulting Services

Wilcox Development Solutions does development, but is so much more than that. We can also put our experience to work for you in the following ways:

Your Development Team: Augmented

As IT budgets are slashed around the world, projects seem to keep on coming. Need some more hands to get a big project done? Wilcox Development Solutions can help you there – we deliver high velocity developers into a project, and give you extra push you need to get your project done.

Your Development Team: Faster, Better, Powerful

IT Development teams are increasingly overburdened, and slashed. Normal projects need to get done, in addition to new projects designed to make the whole workforce more efficient, while development teams have less people than ever.

You need productivity from your development team. But how? You need professional help, from someone with experience.

With 12 years of development experience, ranging from desktop to web to mobile, we know the problems you development team is having. We also know how to present these problems to management because of our business background.

We’ll spend a week with your team, understanding the life in a member of your development team, gather data, and make wide ranging recommendations to improving your development team.

Each client is different, and our suggestions are specially tailored to your individual team. Our suggestions, however, cover the whole gamut of the development lifecycle:

  • Development Team level suggestions (how your developers can improve their lives in your codebase), pair programming and mentoring towards better software patterns.
  • Project Management suggestions (better on time software delivery)
  • Organizational suggestions (Increase productivity of your organization)
  • Education suggestions (Suggestions for educating your whole team, to improve your most important asset: your people)

Your Project: Done by us. No Hassles, No Worries.

Wilcox Development Solutions is there to accomplish your project. Your project will be analyzed and broken down into discrete, actionable items if possible. An estimate will be put together for this work and sent to you.

Know the status of your project by the status emails we send out after we finish a day of work on your project. We keep you in the loop, so you know how everything is going.

Interested? Wondering about prices?

Take a look at our Pricing Page, and Contact Us to get the ball rolling!