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Founded January, 2003, Wilcox Development Solutions is a small company based in Williamsport, PA. Our specializations include updating legacy systems, creating dynamic websites, and creating tools for the Internet enabled world.

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Our Principles

Here at Wilcox Development Solutions we have three principles guiding our work:

  1. Choose The Best Tool For the Job
    For each job we do, we first select the appropriate, best of breed tool to provide the solution to you with as inexpensively as possible. Our experience in all levels of development, from tiny script to projects of hundreds of thousands of lines of code, makes this possible.
  2. User Focus
    We keep the needs of the user frontmost: we do our best to provide solutions that make sense to the all the users of your program – and not just those who “get” computers. We work with you to understand the needs of the user, and provide solutions that provide the best possible workflow for them.
  3. Simplicity
    We strive to keep the simple things simple.
  4. Transparency to our clients
    Our customer’s know exactly what we are doing every time we sit down to work on their project – every hour is accounted for on the invoice. Every project is also tracked in a notebook, which is available on request, which spells this out in even more detail. Also, at the end of a project, and at the end of every milestone, we send you a copy of the source code for your application – so you can make modifications yourself (or hire someone else to do it, if you don’t like working with us!)
  5. Transparency to our users
    We prefer saving data is open formats, so data isn’t locked up and held hostage in our app.

Our Experience

Check out the Dev Services page for more information about what we can do for you!

Our People

Ryan Wilcox (rwilcox [Github] , rwilcox [Bitbucket]) is founder, Chief Engineer, and Master Toolsmith for Wilcox Development Solutions

In The Open Source Community

We’re also highly active in the Open Source community, and you can see our projects (and Github repositories)):

Read more about Wilcox Development Solution’s Open Source work

Our Tools We Use

Wilcox Development Solutions uses object-oriented frameworks to speed development time. Frameworks and systems we enjoy include:

Our Tools for this site

This website was created with Webby, a great tool that allows us to develop static websites very quickly by reducing the repetitive elements of website design (and allowing us to automate other things using Ruby). The hand coding of this site was done in TextMate, and was designed with principles from Dive Into Accessibility in mind.

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