Along with consulting work, Wilcox Development Solutions also develops some applications for end users. Products that we have worked on include:

  • Scrum Status
    Scrum StatusI've made to help teams do daily standup meetings (or "scrums"), when not everyone can be in the same room or even on the phone together.More Info

    The idea of a daily scrum is awesome: everyone on your development team has a general idea of what everyone else is up to. This keeps your developers in sync and lets the team collaborate better.

    The downside, in distributed or highly mobile teams, is that getting the team together on one big phone call is (sometimes) a challenge.

    Usually the solution is "email your status out", but then you have more email cluttering your inbox. Ugh. And maybe you're the guy who missed the meeting: you missed (potentially) being able to help a colleague out.

    Enter scrum status: a centralized place to have one place to check for all the statuses of the people on your team

  • Email Form Relay
    Quick, simple, contact-us service for static sites More Info

    As web developers we find ourselves coding "Contact Us" forms a lot. In addition to having the form to write, we also have the backend logic to deal with: gather up the TO information, from, subject, body and send it off.

    Email Form Relay takes care of sending the email from this point - without your users knowing that there was another site involved

  • SessionNotes
    Session Notes is a time tracking application made for obsessive note-takers, responsible adults, contractors, and anyone else who is frustrated at the lack of reporting detail in other web based time trackersMore Info

    Some programmers find it helpful to keep notes while working, above and beyond the notes they put on their invoices. Todo items, scribbles to map out some functionality, general stuff. Scientists do this too: think lab notes. Traditionally, programmers have used paper notebooks, assuming their computers might restart at anytime and lose their notes. Session Notes’s focus is to make it easy, and 100% reliable, to keep these notes on your computer. Keeping these on your computer means they are easily searchable, and Session Notes also seeks to cut down time it takes to create an invoice based on these notes.

Open Source

Wilcox Development solutions has several products, utilities, and libraries available under Open Source agreements (mostly a Creative Commons type license.)

View our open source utilities at the Open Source Page