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WDTestHarness was created to provide a framework-independent way to run unit tests.

The test harness also provides the user with a GUI to display the test results. WDTestHarness is meant to look and act the same no matter what framework or language you are using. Currently there is only support for wxWidgets, but support for other frameworks is in progress.

WDTestHarness is actually a GUI wrapper around a modified version of Chuck Allison's Simplest Automated Unit Test Framework That Could Possibly Work, from the C/C++ Users Journal.


The following is a screenshot of the WDTestHarness in action:

a picture of the wxWidgets GUI of WDTestHarness

For More Information

Read the latest WDTestHarness Readme for more information. This is directly off the subversion repository, so enter the username and password listed in the repository information section below.

Subversion Repository Information

To access our Subversion repository through the Web or a WebDAV enabled client, visit and with the following username and password:

  • username: anon
  • password: (leave blank)


Download the latest (stable) revision of WDTestHarness

The download package includes the GUI classes, the unit testing framework, documentation generated by HeaderDoc, and sample projects.

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